the staffing industry provides a unique opportunity to interrupt cycles of unemployment and recidivism among returning citizens. It has been established that greater access to economic opportunity for returning citizens has a direct effect on their likelihood of re-offending. Evidence based employment programs have been shown to be highly effective at increasing ex-offender productivity and reducing their risk of re-offending.  However, linking the staffing industry with employment for returning citizens requires a venture that elicits the strengths of the returning citizens, effectively links these with the staffing industry, and partners effectively with the current workforce system. This is our point of departure.


Core Staffing is designed to provide an innovative and viable pathway to employment and education for one of the most marginalized populations in the country, returning citizens, by leveraging the opportunities of the growing staffing industry. 


Our Approach: A Cooperative Staffing Solution


Core Staffing is an innovative, social staffing firm that is able to uniquely harness the economic potential of our returning citizen members and serve the needs of its’ clients in the labor market by delivering a reliable and affordable workforce. Core Staffing will save taxpayer dollars, increase our members and clients economic well-being, and provide ex-offenders the opportunity to be self-sustaining and contributing citizens. Our approach is characterized by the following strategies:


A Work-Led Transition

Our core approach emphasizes work-based opportunities as the key to an effective transition into economic life. The current workforce development system falls short in addressing returning citizens’ need for consistent employment. As stipulated by the Workforce Innovation Opportunities and Investment Act (WIOA), this current system focuses on skill-building,  which while essential to the development of a returning citizen, does not automatically lead to employment.  As such, we focus on providing work-based opportunities as the key factor in the effective transition to economic life. We do however utilize the existing workforce infrastructure as a way to source candidates for employment in the staffing industry.  


In the Staffing Industry

Our core strategy to work-opportunity focuses on the staffing industry. The staffing industry has tremendous growth potential due to the fundamental restructuring of the labor market (the transition from primarily an industrial economy to a service economy as well as the general need for organizational flexibility).  Due to the breadth of industry and job profiles in staffing, we can create basic career ladders, starting from more basic labor jobs to more complex technical and administrative roles for returning citizens.


With Shared Ownership

Third, our approach is anchored in arrangements of shared ownership and responsibility. We have designed a venture structure that partners nonprofit, and community stakeholders with a shared ownership entity.

  • Research has broadly emphasized the role of shared ownership ventures in boosting productivity, supporting employee morale, and encouraging higher quality. Shared ownership also provides leadership and training opportunities as part of its core business processes. Shared ownership also creates a mutual risk-sharing environment where all the participants enforce high standards and expectations.
  • In addition, our shared ownership model emphasizes robust member benefits that will include retirement, health, dental, vision, life insurance, paid vacations, holidays and sick leave. We aim to partner with a healthcare plan provider to offer discounted rates on quality medical plans in the near future.
  • A shared ownership model allows us to utilize tax incentives such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and place the gains back into the pockets of the employees.


Guided by Data

Fourth, we maintain high levels of data analytics as a core product. We track information about the work traits of our members.  This provides member participants with the ability to increase their own performance indicators. It also creates a level of accountability for and to all the members. We use analytically intensive methods of risk assessment so that our external clients can be confident in our member’s performance and standards on the job. Being able to talk about the change in the behaviors and patterns of work performance of our members over-time is a key to maintaining the trust of our external clients and our social partners.


Partnering with the Community

Finally, we partner with nonprofit stakeholders, workforce development, educational stakeholders as well as pro-bono industry experts.  These partnerships enable us to leverage support for our member's professional and personal development. Together we succeed in successfully reintegrating people back into society.

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