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2016 Co-op Hackathon!

The 2016 Cooperative Hack Day

The Opportunity:

  • Cooperatives and the solidarity economy have served marginalized and low income communities for decades. Rooted in shared ownership and democratic control, these business models have created pathways to the middle class for their members and the communities they serve. Yet, cooperatives aren't limited to small businesses, there are many examples of successful large scale cooperatives around the world.


The Problem:

  • Aspiring cooperative entrepreneurs working in low income areas around the country are not aware of the models, resources, technology, and opportunities that are available to them and their community.


The Challenge and Solution:

  • We will bring together community partners, cooperative practitioners, and technologists to build tools that will further the cooperative movement in DC and around the US.
  • If you are interested in collaborative technology and ways we can communicate more effectively in teams, or if you work with low income communities. Join us as we connect resources, technical assistance, and potentially launch your new idea. This is a time for fun, experimentation, and validated learning as we work towards a more equitable world.

If you would like to be involved in the planning process please reach out to Joseph@corestaffing.us

Or Join the HackPad.

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